Monday, April 7, 2014

Mega Awesome Adventure in Wellesley

Wendy, Penelope, & Eoin Colfer
Yesterday, Penelope and I attended the Mega Awesome Adventure with Eoin Colfer, Ridley Pearson, Rick Riordan, and Jonathan Stroud. Included in the ticket price was an autographed copy of one book (chosen ahead of time) and a concert shirt. Yep. I'm calling it a concert shirt. Because it totally is.

Mega Awesome was basically the writer's equivalent to a rock concert, except we didn't have to promise anything untoward to shake hands with our idols afterward. Eoin, Jonathan and Ridley sat on the edge of the stage and took photos with anyone who wanted them.

Penelope meets Jonathan Stroud
Geeked to hear Eoin Colfer discuss his Artemis Fowl series and looking forward to picking up WARP, I was thrilled when he confessed he'd love to "mentally scar {our} children." I'm on board...after I've finished the book first. It's not that I want to preview it, but that I want to cackle mwa-ha-ha at appropriate times. Still, it's going to be a struggle deciding which to read first: Eoin's WARP or Jonathan Stroud's Lockwood & Co., because Jonathan was charming, easygoing, and as eager to connect with his readers as they are to stay up late reading one more chapter. (Seriously, Dan. Why do you keep turning off the light? I know it's two in the morning but can't you see I'm reading? Again?) I should have taken a photo with him, too.

Penelope meets Ridley Pearson
Penelope walked in excited about hearing Rick Riordan speak and emerged--no less enamored with Rick's writing--an unabashed Ridley Pearson fan. About halfway through the first Kingdom Keepers book, she picked up the second from Wellesley Books yesterday. I'm certain if I check her wish list, the rest will be there. Ridley was engaged, animated, and clearly enjoyed meeting his fans. He even made his way along the line prior to the event, shaking hands and introducing himself.

At one point, the Mega Awesome director of onstage conversation asked how many writers were in the audience. As my friend Kristine and I raised our hands, I glanced at Penelope and nudged her. "You're a writer, too!" She exploded into a smile and raised her hand.

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  1. SO glad you guys went and had an awesome time!! Wellesley books ROCKS. (As do these authors!)