Thursday, May 8, 2008

i can't get no

I've been feeling oddly dissatisfied lately. By "lately," I mean in the past 6 weeks or so. I don't know if this dissatisfaction was triggered by the latest proposed budget override hoopla (in town), or if it just happened to begin during said hoopla. Probably the latter, but I can't completely rule out the former as an influencing factor.

I'm feeling as if I want to sell the house, buy a large but more rural plot somewhere, and build my dream home. I don't like all the walls, here. I don't like the division and seclusion and closeting away of everything and everyone. I don't like the wasted space, or the distance, or the idea of separate rooms for each activity. I want a wide-open area, very few (if any!) hallways, and a better flow of light. I want fewer rooms. Not necessarily less space, though if you plan a house properly, that can happen, too -- but less space between us.

I know it won't happen anytime soon -- there are many things currently in the way -- but I just wanted to go on record and say that I'm feeling restless, wasteful, disconnected . . . and I need to find a way to address that.