Friday, July 24, 2009

What can I dooooo? All I want is to be next to you!

It's been a hard week, with Dan in California on business and the girls down in Virginia with my parents so they're not bored out of their minds while I pack up the house. A few times this week, I've had to go pick up Masha's urn and hug it. Twice I thought the throw pillow in the center of the bed was her, snuggled up to me. It doesn't help, either, that the packing is going more slowly than I'd like it. Everything I pick up seems to be something that needs to be dismantled, wrapped in paper, encased in bubble-wrap or some combination of the above. I think I've finally gotten through most of that (except the dishes), so now it's on to the part where I can just fill boxes with clothing and toiletries and home-improvement stuff. I miss my husband, I miss my girls, and I miss my dog.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


So the girls had their first campout ever on Thursday night. They didn't just survive -- they had a blast! I guess we've officially entered the Land of Sleepovers. They've also made it clear that next summer, they want to go to more than one week of Girl Scout camp. They are full of all sorts of camp songs -- one or two of which I even remember from my own Girl Scout camp days. Hermy the Worm, however, is a new one. "Hermy, baby! WHAT HAPPENED!?""I ate my Mom."

Yesterday was pretty crazy-busy. Dan & I did a few more drive-bys (the real estate kind, people!), then zipped over to pick up the girls, get Emma changed into her hip-hop costume, and rushed over to the Chemlsford town common. She did her performance, we hung around for dinner, and then rushed off to Bear Hill Farm. At least, since we were 10 minutes late, we caught Anne in the fields, picking snap peas. Penny & Emma were thrilled to see her! Then off to do a few more drive-bys, while the girls ate ice cream (oh, the torture!). We did two more drive-bys today, and have one more tomorrow; then Monday we start looking. So much for 5-year plans, huh?