Sunday, January 5, 2014

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Tucker's Countryside

  1. How could you tell the species of John, Tucker, and Harry even if we hadn’t been told? What clues are in the story?
  2. Do the animals avoid people? Why do you think the author chose to have them observe and interact with people, or have people notice the animals? Do you agree with his decision? Why/why not?
  3. What little things do the animals (Harry, Tucker, and Chester) do throughout the book that show they care for each other?
  4. What is Chester’s big concern about the meadow and the houses? Why is Tucker’s first idea not likely to work? Why are all the animals of the Old Meadow so utterly disappointed that Tucker has no other plans? What did you think of their reaction?
  5. Who is Ellen and how is she important? What happens between Ellen and Harry?
  6. Chapter six (Flood) starts off with language that’s soft, gentle, quiet. How do the descriptions of the rain and water change throughout the chapter? Why did the author do that?
  7. What happens because of the flood? Did you expect something good or something bad to happen because of the flood? Why?
  8. What happens the day the steam shovel begins ripping up the Old Meadow? What does that say about the workers? Did you expect them to react that way?
  9. Why do the little kids not get bored with the picket line? How do those people who drive past react? Why do the mothers not head over to town hall like they talked about? What do you think the moms should have done?
  10. What did you think of Tucker’s plan? What could go wrong?
  11. Harry Cat tells Chester to think of the plan not as a Lie but as a Benign Deception. What is a Benign Deception? What do you think: is the plan a Lie or a Benign Deception? Are there other Benign Deceptions in the book? Where is the line between lies and not-lies? Who gets to decide?
  12. What almost happens once all the people see the sign and the Bible? What is Ellen’s reaction? What do you suppose she thinks about how the Meadow was saved?
  13. Did the book end the way you expected? If not, what did you think would be different?
  14. Why do the humans save the Old Meadow? What changes do the humans now have planned for the Old Meadow? What kind of changes would you make?
  15. Why was preserving history more important than apartments when preserving nature wasn’t important enough?

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