Sunday, June 15, 2008

look--over there--greener grass!

Dissatisfied again. This time, I'm leaning towards moving closer to the city. Where I'm coming from now is that I've realized I'm taking on too much again. It's not the homeschooling; it's my propensity to jump from hobby to hobby. Do I really need to sew large amounts of the girls' clothing? Do I really want a huge yard to take care of? I can't stand lawn care, I can't wrap my brain around landscaping. Why am I taking it all on? All I want is room for a garden, a swing set, and a well-built shed.

It's not in the cards, of course, but at least I feel a little more centered about this discontent than I did about the other. (Isn't that an odd concept?) What I think it boils down to is that I grew up in a different sort of suburb. I like the suburbs, but I think I prefer them with a little more urban flavor. I'm starting to realize that I miss being close to things, I miss being able to walk or bike to the store or the library. I miss proximity to good food.

I wonder if it's a realizable goal? Start by talking to Dan, and see if he even agrees with me. Maybe we can implement some sort of five-year plan.

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